Testolone Review – Understanding Its Uses and Benefits


Testolone is a drug that is used to provide steroid benefits without causing harmful steroid effects. You may have noted that Testolone is categorized as a SARM. However, it is not a SARM but used for strength gains. There is a lot to know about RAD140. You will find it to be quite powerful for bulking.

It is vital to note that Testolone is an investigative drug developed by Radius Health. Ideally, research is ongoing for use in therapeutic applications. RAD140 has been found to have a high affinity for the androgen receptor, and it helps stimulate the effect in the body that is quite identical to the anabolic steroids. Fortunately, it does not have an impact on the prostate gland. Therefore, you want to get something that is extremely powerful and strong; you should consider Testolone.

Testolone Benefits


When you use Testolone, you can get the beast mode out of you while in the gym. It will become easy to break the plateaus, and you can be adding plates to the bar each time you lift weights. In fact, most athletes that have used Testolone have managed to crush their bests within a few weeks. Surprisingly, you will enjoy the strength gains even after week 6.


It is quite strange that a drug like Testolone can offer you vascularity that is associated with compounds such as Winstrol. You will start to notice vascularity by week 2 or 3 of using this drug. Ideally, the pumps are quite different from what you experience when you use Anabolicum. You will look shredded with the minimal water gains. You can think of it as a mild dose of Anavar.


A lot of people who want to bulk go for Anabolicum. Well, it is the most popular of these two. However, if you want to be soft as you bulk, then you should go for Testolone. Although you are likely to gain less, the gains will be leaner and dryer.


Testolone is an important SARM that offers you aggression that associates with legal steroids such as Dianabol. It will give you the desire and focus you need to get harder at various weights each day. When you stack this drug with Ostarine, it will help you with recovery. In fact, you can experience dramatic results with just a single cycle.

Author: Westley Alvarez