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Christmas Card Options That Will Surely Tickle the Heart 

What do you do with all the Christmas cards that you receive? Do you keep them all in a box and store it in a drawer? You may probably select your favorites and place it somewhere where you can relive the message or look at the beautiful design once in a while.

Christmas cards are made to spread the Christmas cheer. They reconnect us with our families and friends even if they are in other parts of the globe during an important time of the year. While we may receive many cards during the yuletide season, some may stand out from the rest because they tickle our hearts.

Of course, we all want that the christmas cards we send will be well-received by their recipients. Here are some tips that can make your Xmas cards more appreciated and cherished.

Use Personal Photo Cards

You have many options when using photo cards. Your latest picture with your entire family can be scanned and made as your Xmas card cover picture. This will let the recipient that your whole family is with you wishing them a happy yuletide season. You can also use a scanned old photo of you and your friend. This will bring back memories. Just don’t forget to put Christmas designs on the edges.

Choose the Best Postcard of Your City

Designing a postcard of your city to use as a Christmas card can also be a good option. This is like telling someone, “This is where I live.” You may get a reply with a postcard soon from cities where the recipients of your cards were sent. Postcards are collectible items for some individuals. They may be placed beneath glass tabletops or pasted on walls.

Make the Card Yourself

This can be the best option to put your personal touch on a card. If you are good at drawing or water-color painting, use it to make a beautiful card. You can also improvise by pasting pine tree leaves that can mimic a Christmas tree and design the edges. This may be quite tedious, but it can be more appreciated.

A Christmas card will never be so meaningful without a nicely written message. Handwritten messages will even make your card more personal. Write legibly and avoid standard Christmas messages. To ensure that your Christmas card will be received on or before Christmas day, prepare your cards early so that you can mail it immediately. When Xmas cards are received late, some of its meaning may be lost.