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7 Ate 9

Product #:  700OTB
Fast and Fun Number Crunch’n!
It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3! Players add, or subtract, 1, 2, or 3 to the number on the top card on the pile to determine if they have a card that can be played next. Sounds simple, but with everyone playing simultaneously, the options are constantly changing. The first player out of cards wins!
*Ages: 8 - Adult
*2 - 4 Players
*5 to 10 Minutes per game
*73 - 7 Ate 9 Playing Cards
*Embossed Tin
*Quick Play Rules

Reinforces Math Skills

  • Promotes quick recognition of numbers (Numeration and Number Theory)
  • Reinforces the ability to add and subtract quickly (Numeration and Number Theory)
  • Reinforces comparing, sorting and classifying skills (Geometry)
  • Improves recognition of numerical patterns (Algebra)
  • Supports the ability to determine functions needed to arrive at a useful solution (Problem Solving)
  • Promotes the development of strategies for anticipating a series of math problems (Problem Solving)

Increases Eye-Hand Coordination

  • Reinforces the ability to quickly draw cards, recognize the content of the cards, place them in a hand, and then play them appropriately to a center pile
  • Promotes the ability to manage information flow, by controlling the number of cards in hand

Price:  $5.99


Price: $5.99