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A Drop Of Water

Product #:  0590221973
Description:  The curious, protean nature of water has fascinated people for ages, and Walter Wick--the photographer of Scholastic's highly acclaimed I Spy series--is no exception.

As you're admiring the "crown" created by a water drop splashing into a pool, or how many water droplets can fit on the head of a pin (the smallest droplet on the pin contains more than three trillion water molecules), you'll learn about evaporation, condensation, snowflakes, how clouds form, and more amazing water tricks. Wick's other artfully composed photographs include a "wild wave" caused by a brown egg dropped in a water glass, soap bubbles with a "shimmering liquid skin," a snowflake at 60 times its actual size, and dew on a spider web. Like many old-fashioned science books, A Drop of Water ends with a list of simple experiments may lure the young reader into the world of scientific investigation. Unlike many old science books, this one also stands on its own as a beautiful, notable collection of photographs.
Price:  $17.99


Price: $17.99