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A Perfect Father's Day

Product #:  0395664160
Description:  "I'm taking you out for Father's Day," Susie tells Dad. "First we'll go for lunch." "Good," Dad says. "May I drive?" "Certainly," Susie says. She chooses the restaurant, and pretty soon Dad can see that she's filled this special day with treats--treats for both of them! When they get back home, Mom's final surprise (that isn't really a surprise at all) is a perfect ending for the perfect day.
I gave this book to my father for father's day. It tells the charming story of a young girl and the relationship she has with her father. She wants to spend Father's Day with her Dad doing all the things he loves. Instead they do the things she loves to do and like every good Dad he goes along and pretends they are his favorite things too. It seems like he's thinking, "without her I wouldn't be celebrating this day". Any father would love to read this book to his child and cherish it as a gift. --A reader.
Price:  $5.95


Price: $5.95