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 Are you a teacher looking for children's books to complement your themes?  Maybe you are a parent who wishes to enrich your child with information about cultures, traditions, or history.  Or maybe you would like to prepare your child for a vacation or field trip. With a Spanish dictionary and travel guide, a trip to Mexico could be a great introduction to a new language and culture for the whole family. Whether you are preparing lesson plans for Native Americans or the USA, The Reading Nook has gathered a diverse collection of children's books that will excite, educate, and motivate the children in your life. 

Recent trends in education have focused on an integrated curriculum.  Children learn best when subject matter is meaningful and useful, and literature brings meaning to social studies.  Research completed by Caine and Caine (1991) states,  "The search for meaning and patterns is a basic process in the human brain.  In fact, the brain may resist learning fragmented facts that are presented in isolation.  Learning is believed to occur faster and more thoroughly when it is presented in meaningful, connected contexts."  What does all this mean?  Entice children with books and stimulate their interest while taking advantage of each teachable moment presented in an engaging, meaningful children's literature book.

On this page, teachers and parents will find numerous social studies related children's books.  As a teacher, if you're planning a unit or writing lesson plans, then look no further.  We have some suggestions for you.  As a parent, go beyond the four walls of your child's classroom.  Reach into a book and discover the world with your child.

Simply locate the desired social studies topic below, and click on the link below the image to view additional books related to that concept. 

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