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At The Reading Nook, we have taken the guesswork out of selecting the best children's books by doing the research for you.  Here you will find high quality children's literature recommended by reading experts.  Your second grade child is probably reading more independently now that he is older.  You may be wondering at what age should you stop reading to him.  Author of The Read-Aloud Handbook (Penguin Books, 2001) Jim Trelease explains it best.  He says, "Listening comprehension feeds reading comprehension.  Whenever an adult reads to a child, the words collect inside the ear in a reservoir called the listening vocabulary.  Eventually, if you pour enough words into it, the reservoir starts to overflow---pouring words into the speaking vocabulary, reading vocabulary, and writing vocabulary.  And all have their origin in the listening vocabulary.  Until about eighth grade, children can listen on a much higher level than they can read on.  Therefore, children can hear and understand stories that are more complicated and more interesting than anything they could read on their own." 

Reading with children and helping them practice their reading skills can dramatically improve their ability to read.  Listed below is a suggested list of books that can help you practice these skills with your second grader.


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