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 Children's Science Literature

Recent trends in education have focused on an integrated curriculum.  Children learn best when subject matter is meaningful and useful, and literature brings meaning to science.  "Education that is organized in such a way that it cuts across subject-matter lines, bringing together various aspects of the curriculum into meaningful association, provides children with a better understanding of the subject.  It views learning and teaching in a holistic way and reflects the real world, which is interactive" (Shoemaker, 1989).

At The Reading Nook, the teachers realize the frustration felt by other teachers when they become responsible for teaching "one more thing."  Teachers recognize that curriculum integration is one way to meet the requirements of the state and the needs of the students.

On this page, teachers and parents will find numerous science related children's books.  As a teacher, if you're planning a unit or writing lesson plans, then look no further.  We have some suggestions for you.  As a parent, go beyond the four walls of your child's classroom.  Reach into a book and discover the world with your child. Reading a book about space may ignite your child's interest in telescopes and astronomy, which would be another fun activity you could share. 

Simply locate the desired science concept below, and click on the link below the image to view additional books related to that topic. 

1883220041 - A Swim Through the Sea
0152026142 - The Great Kapok Tree: A Tale of the Amazon Rain Forest
0395533082 - Just a Dream
More Oceans Books More Rainforest Books More Ecology Books

0807534218 - How Do You Lift a Lion?
0064451283 - How Mountains Are Made (Let's-Read-and-Find-Out Science 2)
0064451933 - Why I Sneeze, Shiver, Hiccup, & Yawn (Let's-Read-and-Find-Out Science 2)
More Simple Machine Books More Rock Books More Human Body Books

0590221973 - A Drop Of Water
0688158439 - Comets, Meteors, and Asteroids
0865058881 - What Are Food Chains and Webs? (Science of Living Things)
More Weather Books More Space Books More Food Chain Books

0062381830 - From Caterpillar to Butterfly  (Let's-Read-and-Find-Out Science, Stage 1)
0823410250 - From Seed to Plant
More Animal and Life Cycle Books More Plant and Life Cycle Books

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