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Here at The Reading Nook, we have taken the guesswork out of finding the best children's books.  It is our goal to provide you with quality, award-winning children's books that excite, fascinate, and educate your child. 


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How do parents benefit?

Find great read aloud books arranged by your child's grade level

Help your child become a better reader

Enrich and improve your child's vocabulary with children's books

Ignite your child's imagination through books

Support your child's interests by browsing the subject areas

Prepare for a trip or vacation using children's books

Teach values through children's stories

Check out the monthly picks to help your child learn more about famous people, holidays,  and notable events

Choose from our wide selection of award-winning storybooks

How do teachers benefit?

Save time searching for children's books and give more time to planning

Promote vocabulary development and improve test scores

Integrate curriculum through children's literature

Develop lesson plans for math, science, and social studies objectives and bring lessons to life

Enhance curriculum and thematic units

Provide meaning and relevance to students by helping them connect lessons to real life experiences through children's books

Capture student's attention and make learning interesting

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