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Children's Math Literature

Recent trends in education have focused on an integrated curriculum.  Children learn best when subject matter is meaningful and useful, and literature brings meaning to math.  David Whitin says, "Using math related children's literature can help children realize the variety of situations in which people use mathematics for real purposes" (1994).  Thus, children can recognize how math will be helpful to them in the "real world."

At The Reading Nook, the teachers realize the frustration felt by other teachers when they become responsible for teaching "one more thing."  Teachers recognize that curriculum integration is one way to meet the requirements of the state and the needs of the students.

On this page, teachers and parents will find numerous math related children's books.  As a teacher, if you're planning a unit or writing lesson plans, then look no further.  We have some suggestions for you.  As a parent, if your child is having difficulty with a math concept such as money, consider using a children's book to assist him.

Simply locate the desired math skill below, and click on the link below the image to view additional books related to that skill. 

0152050256 - Quack and Count
0399209514 - Anno's Mysterious Multiplying Jar
0823413411 - Fraction Fun
More Addition/Subtraction More Multiplication/Division More Fraction Books

0545042208 - The Greedy Triangle (Brainy Day Books)
0805065725 - Measuring Penny
0064467171 - The Penny Pot (MathStart 3)
More Geometry Books More Measurement Books More Money Books

0064467287 - Beep Beep, Vroom Vroom! (MathStart 1)
0688099335 - How Much Is a Million? 20th Anniversary Edition (Reading Rainbow Book)
0689717695 - Clocks and More Clocks
More Pattern Books More Place Value Books More Time Books

0590227157 - Even Steven And Odd Todd (level 3) (Hello Reader, Math)
0064462471 - Bigger, Better, Best! (MathStart 2)
0881063339 - The Baseball Counting Book
More Number Sense Books More Perimeter/Area Books More Counting Books

0064467368 - Seaweed Soup (MathStart 1)
0064467341 - Probably Pistachio (MathStart 2)
0064431592 - It Looked Like Spilt Milk
More Sets Books More Probability Books More Symmetry Books

0448428962 - Graphs (All Aboard Math Reader)
0471210617 - Wacky Word Problems: Games and Activities That Make Math Easy and Fun (Magical Math)
More Graph Books More Problem Solving Books

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