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Educational Games and Puzzles

If you are looking for fun and educational games and puzzles, you have hit the jackpot!  This hand-picked collection offers logic puzzles and games, strategy games, educational math games, educational social studies board games, and curriculum development for gifted children.  The wooden games supply a special interest to those who are looking for a beauty!  They are handcrafted from beautiful wood and will often come complete with historical information and directions. 

This selection of games and puzzles are invaluable in an educational sense.  They enable the enthusiast to concentrate, focus, process information, and problem solve.  Research shows that when your brain exercises with logical thinking of this kind, new neural synapses develop which encourages phenomenal brain development.  All the higher order thinking skills are used when solving these fun brainteaser puzzles and games.  Providing hours of fun, everyone in your family will enjoy the challenge!  They are perfect for the classroom and traveling too.  As a matter of fact, I have many of these games in my classroom, and the students LOVE them!



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