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We can help you find the right books, DVDs, and educational games for your child or students!

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A child's book is a gift that keeps giving. We must show children the excitement and emotion that is found in great children's books. When influencing readers, it is one of our goals to set them on a life-long journey of learning and exploration. We offer many recommendations for excellent children's books, most of which are located in leveled book lists to ease the tricky task of finding a book that is appropriate for your child. Choose a book like Animal Kisses for your toddler or Because of Winn Dixie for your older child. We all know that reading is important, but it is just as important that the book you choose matches your child's needs. Let us help you find the right book for your child!

As a teacher, I always look for children's books that serve as a brain warm-up for my students before I begin a lesson.  Some educators may call it a stimulating introduction or an activating strategy, either way, it's using something in which children are interested (stories) to captivate their attention, lay some ground work, and warm-up their brains!  The Reading Nook has integrated subjects such as elementary science, multiplication and Civil War with the language arts curriculum, providing you with motivating literature.  You will find award winning children's books, ideas for themes, and great inspiration for developing lessons plans that meet teaching standards in math, science, and social studies. For more professional topics and teacher resource books, please see Resource Books.